Put an End to Copper Theft with the Pole-Lock

Copper theft is a real issue that is costing companies and municipalities thousands of dollars each year. In the dark of night, when parking lots and shopping centers are unattended, thieves are busy pulling the copper out of light pole hand holes, creating an unsafe environment and leaving extensive damage to be repaired. But all of that can end now with the use of the Pole-Lock, an ingenious, safe, and effective way to keep would-be copper thieves out while allowing easy access to the hand hole for authorized officials.

Created by an individual with 20 years of experience in the electrical field, the Pole-Lock is the solution you’ve been seeking. After seeing so many clients facing the issue of copper theft and damaged light poles, the founder realized there had to be a better answer than what his clients were doing, which was spending money to replace extensive damage — only to remain a target for thieves. He then designed this unique approach to protecting valuable copper that requires no alteration to the light pole, yet is 100% secure.

If you’re tired of replacing copper or aluminum wiring to light poles in parking lots and shopping centers, wasting time and money, it’s time to discover the Pole-Lock. Offered in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit any type of pole without the need for drilling or altering the pole in any way, the Pole-Lock is a cost-effective solution that will save your organization thousands of dollars in repairs, not to mention labor and time wasted replacing utilities.

Select the right Pole-Lock for your needs and start seeing the value immediately!